Florida Woman, Who Is A Landlord, Arrested After Being Accused Of Trying To Run Over One Of Her Tenants

A Florida woman, who is a landlord, was arrested recently after being accused of trying to run over one of her tenants.

The victim reported that 68-year-old Larisa Victoria Iarovaia came to the residence and a verbal altercation escalated over “landlord/ tenant issues.” The victim said he was walking toward his garage when he heard Iarovaia’s vehicle rev and he turned around to see her driving directly toward him, putting him in fear that he was going to get run over, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report states.

The victim said he jumped into his garage and pulled the door down to avoid being hit. The victim said he then made his way into the residence through the garage and tried to hold a window shut so Iarovaia couldn’t get in, the report says.

The victim claimed that Iarovaia then threw another female victim down, entered the residence and started throwing items around. The victim claimed an unknown object struck him and caused a small laceration, the report says.

An eyewitness confirmed she saw all of the claims leading up to Iarovaia throwing one of the victims to the ground, the report says.

The report states the victims are legally renting the home and are current on their payments. They said they have asked Iarovaia to make repairs on the home and she didn’t do so. The victim said Iarovaia decided she was just going to kick them out and sell the home without legally evicting them or ending their current lease, according to the report.

After being read her rights, Iarovaia, who lives at Pine Trak in Ocala, avoided answering questions and “kept talking about the civil issues that were occurring between her and the victim,” the report says.

Iarovaia was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail, where she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, battery and burglary with assault or battery. She was released on $2,500 bond.

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