Florida Woman Jailed After She Was Found Her With Open Bottle Of Wine Half-Empty In Cup Holder

A Florida woman was jailed recently after Marion County sheriff’s deputies received multiple reports about a suspicious vehicle that swerved into yards and then stopped in front of houses in the Wayborne Landing neighborhood.

Deputies responded to the 8500 block of S.W. 79th Street Road and as they approached the vehicle, they saw 67-year-old Nina Christine Heyd with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. They also reported seeing an open bottle of wine that was half-empty in the center cup holder.

Heyd appeared to be unconscious with the vehicle in gear and the doors locked. Deputies tapped on the window to get Heyd’s attention and it took her three minutes to respond, the report says, adding that she was confused and said she couldn’t put the vehicle in park.

Deputies asked Heyd to exit the vehicle and she stumbled and fell to the ground. Her speech was slow and deputies smelled an odor of alcoholic beverages coming from her breath, the report says.

When asked how much alcohol she had consumed, Heyd responded, “whatever,” and then said she was parked and “just chilling,” the report says.

After being checked out by paramedics, Heyd was unable to safely participate in field sobriety exercises and told deputies to “do what you have to do.” She was then placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail.

Heyd refused to provide breath samples to check her blood-alcohol content while saying, “I was not driving. She was then booked into the jail and  charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. She was released on $500 bond.

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