Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Participating In An Armed Burglary While Pretending To Go To Man’s House For Sex

Officers arrested a 25-year-old Florida woman for allegedly participating in an armed burglary while pretending to go to a man’s house in Miramar for sex.

Records show Fahmil Hasham told officers that he met “Red” on Plenty of Fish, a dating app. He invited her to come over to his house on May 6, 2020, and she arrived at about 2:35 a.m. with friends in a Black Ford Mustang convertible.

According to Detective Joe Tomlin, Hasham said “Red” had pink braided hair and a rose tattoo above each of her breasts. The woman, who detectives later identified as Barbara Reyes, said she was going to go get a condom from her friend. Instead, she allowed two armed men to get inside Hasham’s house, police said.

While he was held at gunpoint, Hasham gave the burglar his Mac Book Pro, iPhone 10, a Bose sound system, a Bape jacket, and $200 in cash.

As soon as the gunman left, he hid in a bathroom, police said. Meanwhile, his roommate, Sebastian Uribe, was sleeping when the gunman knocked on his door, police said.

The burglar also held Uribe at gunpoint, police said. According to Tomlin, Uribe ran outside to ask for help, and when the gunman followed — he fought back.

After the gunman shot him, Uribe pretended to be dead, which sent the burglars out running, police said. Uribe ran back inside and called 911.

Meanwhile, Hasham heard Uribe yelling for help and the gunshots, and he escaped through the third-floor balcony and hid on the roof until officers arrived, police said. Officers responded about 3:25 a.m.

Paramedics took Uribe to Miramar Regional Hospital. Investigators found the gunman’s Kahr Arms 9mm pistol near where Uribe and the burglar struggled. The Ford Mustang was a rental, police said.

Reyes is facing charges of home invasion robbery with a firearm, and two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm.

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