Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Two Teenage Girls Outside Motel

A 41-year-old Florida woman is accused of inappropriately touching two teenage girls outside a motel in Tavares.

Amy Lynn Wallace, 41, of Bentley Road, was charged with two counts of battery (second or subsequent offense) in connection with the incidents, which happened at the Inn On The Green, located at 700 E. Burleigh Ave.

The first victim, who is 15 years old, told a Tavares Police officer she was moving boxes from her hotel room to the parking lot when Wallace – who was unknown to the victim – grabbed her hand, complimented her and said, “nice to meet you.” Wallace also told the victim, “I like you a lot,” and “tell me about yourself,” according to he police report.

The victim said she was standing on the upstairs balcony on the west side of the motel when Wallace walked past her and ran her hands across her back. She said there was ample room for Wallace to get past her without having to touch her. The victim said in the days leading up to the incident, Wallace would walk down the hallway and stare at her, the report said.

The victim’s father said he was at a store earlier when he received a call from the victim about the first interaction with Wallace. He said he returned to the motel when the victim called him about the second interaction, according to the report.

The victim’s father said while he was sitting in his car outside the motel, he saw Wallace interacting with his other daughter, who is 14 years old. He said while his younger daughter was trying to walk up the stairs, Wallace hugged her. He said he and his daughters were not familiar with Wallace, the report said.

The officer observed surveillance video that showed all the described interactions between Wallace and the two juvenile victims. The younger victim told the deputy that Wallace grabbed her hand and called her beautiful, according to the report.

Wallace told the officer the only time she encountered females was earlier in the day while walking towards the motel’s pool. She said she never touched any females, the report said.

Wallace was arrested and taken to the Lake County Jail, where she was released on $4,000 bond.

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