Florida Woman Arrested After She Failed To Return Rental Car Nearly A Month After Its Due Date

A Florida woman was arrested after she failed to return a rental car nearly a month after its due date.

The manager of Enterprise Rental Car, 1725 Mount Vernon Road, told a Leesburg Police officer that Deborah Lynn Clenney, 57, of Chester St., rented a blue 2020 Mazda CX30 crossover sedan on Feb. 8 and was scheduled to return it on Feb. 15.

The manager said the day after the car was due, employees at the rental agency called Clenney several times demanding she return the vehicle. Clenney gave a number of excuses and said her daughter was using the car, according to the police report.

As the days and weeks went on, Enterprise employees called Clenney numerous times, leaving messages each time. A certified letter asking her to return the vehicle was mailed to her residence and delivered March 2, the report said.

On March 9, the manager called police to report the vehicle stolen. The officer spoke by phone with Clenney, who agreed to return the vehicle on March 10. However, she did not show up with the vehicle as promised, according to the report.

The officer reviewed the rental agreement that Clenney signed and noted several notices and warnings about not returning the vehicle. Next to each one is Clenney’s signature, advising she understood, the report said.

The vehicle was entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as stolen and a be-on-the-lookout order (BOLO) was issued. Clenney was arrested at 7:02 a.m. March 11 and charged with theft / failure to return hired or leased property. Clenney was released from the Lake County Jail later in the day on $2,000 bond.

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