Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Throwing Eggs At Man After Discovering Photo Of A Naked Woman On His Phone

A Florida woman was arrested last week for allegedly throwing eggs at a man after discovering a photo of a naked woman on his cell phone.

Marianna Makris, 42, of SE 19th Street, was charged with simple domestic battery after the incident, which happened shortly before 11 p.m.

The victim told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy he arrived home and Makris became angry with him. He said she started yelling at him inside the residence and threw two or three eggs at him, striking him at least twice, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The deputy observed the victim had what appeared to be egg running down his left forearm and covering his left hand. He said he didn’t wash it off because he wanted deputies to see it. The victim said he was not injured during the incident, the report said.

Makris said the victim had been drinking and wanted to make her speak to his friend on his phone about a ghost. She said she looked at his phone and saw a picture of a naked woman and got upset. Makris said she entered the residence and he followed her, and the argument ensued. She denied any physical contact and said there were no eggs involved in any way. Makris said she didn’t know how egg got on the victim, according to the report.

Upon entering the residence, the deputy observed what appeared to be egg and eggshell running down the wall near the front door. When confronted with the observation, Makris said she may have thrown an egg, but only in the sink. She couldn’t account for the egg on the wall or the victim, the report said.

Based on the statements provided, the history of domestic-related calls at the residence, the egg that was observed, and for fear of future violence, the deputy determined Makris was the primary aggressor and placed her under arrest, according to the report.

Makris was released on $500 bond.

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