Florida Woman Arrested For Choking Man During Domestic Spat Where She Also Broke His Rear Car Window With A Fishing Pole To Retrieve Her Cell Phone

A Florida woman was charged with choking a man during a wild domestic spat during which she also broke his rear vehicle window with a fishing pole to retrieve her cell phone.

Samantha Dawn Torres, 24, told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy the argument started when the victim wouldn’t leave the residence. She said the victim locked her phone in his vehicle and she started screaming, according to the sheriff’s office report.[

Torres said she tried to leave the location and the victim jumped in her vehicle, activating the emergency brake and removing the key from the ignition. She said her father called 911 and the argument ended, the report said.

Torres’ father told the deputy he walked outside to the front yard and saw Torres and the victim yelling at each other. He said the victim kept provoking him. When asked what he meant by “provoking,” the witness said the victim told Torres to hit him. He said he told Torres to leave the location and she got into her vehicle. He said the victim then grabbed Torres, activated the emergency brake and removed the key from the ignition, according to the report.

Interviewed again, Torres said the victim grabbed her while she was trying to leave in her vehicle and she pushed him several times to get him away from her, the report said.

The victim told the deputy that Torres was upset because the children were playing outside and the house was dirty. He said he told the children to go inside and clean the house. The victim said he placed the kids’ toys inside his vehicle, and Torres started yelling at him and removed the fishing poles from his vehicle, according to the report.

The victim said he closed and locked his vehicle doors so Torres couldn’t take anything else. He said she asked where her cell phone was and he told her it was in his vehicle. The victim said Torres counted down and when he didn’t unlock the vehicle, she broke the back window with the fishing poles and retrieved her phone, the report said.

The victim said Torres told him she was going to get an injunction against him and walked to her vehicle. He said he followed her and asked her not to get an injunction. The victim said Torres told him she wouldn’t get an injunction, so he turned around to walk away from her. He said at that point, Torres jumped on his back and started choking him and hitting him on the right side of his head until her father yelled for her to get off him, according to the report.

The deputy didn’t observe any injuries or marks on the right side of the victim’s head or on his throat, but there were red marks on his face and his ear was red. The victim said they were from Torres slapping him after he told her to get out of his truck, the report said.

Contacted again, Torres denied all allegations. As the deputy walked away to speak to Torres’ father, Torres said she will not admit to anything the deputy doesn’t have proof of. Asked if he saw Torres attack the victim, her father said there was a lot going on and he wasn’t sure what he saw, according to the report.

Torres was charged with domestic battery by strangulation and taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released on her own recognizance. 

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