Florida Woman Arrested For Child Neglect After Police Found Her Apartment With Very Little Food, Dirt and Water Covering The Floor

A Florida woman is facing two counts of child neglect after police found her apartment in utter disarray.

Officers responded to the apartment of 30-year-old Collette Wright on NW 39th Avenue as part of an investigation with the Department of Children and Families (DCF), according to a report. Police say the apartment smelled strongly of marijuana.

Officers found dirt and water covering the floor, according to the report. A large stack of dirty, moldy dishes lay in the sink.

Very little food was found in the apartment, according to the report. The bathroom on the second floor was flooded due to a broken toilet, which was filled with old waste.

The water had begun to drip through the floor and onto the stove, sink and other areas of the kitchen below, according to the report. Several roaches were found on the first and second floors.

Wright’s two children, aged 9 and 5, live at the apartment, according to the report. The younger child suffers from asthma and cerebral palsy.

According to neighbors, Wright often leaves the children unattended to purchase drugs, according to the report. Police arrested Wright.

She is charged with two counts of child neglect. Her bond is set at $30,000.

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