Florida Woman Arrested For Throwing Alcoholic Beverage And Ice Cubes At Her Lady Friend Because She Was Yelling At The TV

A Florida woman was jailed recently after a nasty battle with her lady friend over a television show they were watching.

The victim told Marion County sheriff’s deputies that 58-year-old Maureen Frances Geary became upset with her because she was yelling at the TV. She said Geary eventually threw an alcoholic beverage at her and hit her with ice cubes in the right side of her lower lip, a sheriff’s office report states, noting that deputies saw a slight red mark and a “light puffy swelling on her lip.”

Geary said she became upset because the victim continued to talk during the shows they were watching. She admitted to throwing a drink at the victim but also claimed that she threw a drink at her as well, the report says.

The victim said she ran to the back bedroom to get away from Geary when she became “very aggressive” toward her. She said she took a dining room chair to block the door but Geary eventually forced it off the hinges.

Deputies observed a door that was “clearly hit at the bottom, as there was a small hole in it.” They also noted that the door hinges appeared to have been forced off the door jam.

During the investigation, deputies discovered that there was a pre-trial release agreement in place stipulating that the victim wasn’t allowed to return to the residence due to a previous arrest.

Geary was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail, where she was charged with domestic battery. She was released the following day on $500 bond.

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