Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Beating Up Estranged Gal Pal While She Was Sleeping At Her Sister’s Home

A Florida woman is accused of beating up her estranged gal pal while she was sleeping at her sister’s home in Eustis.

Sheena Quintetia Fenderson, 31, of N. Chester St., was charged with burglary with assault or battery (domestic) after the incident, which happened at a residence on Virginia Avenue.

The victim told a Eustis Police officer she recently broke up with Fenderson after four years and moved out of their residence in Leesburg. She said she had been trying to arrange a time to go to the residence to pick up her belongings but that Fenderson was trying to make it difficult, according to the police report.

The victim said she decided to abandon her belongings and had been staying with her sister since the breakup.  She said she was sleeping on the living room couch with the door open and was awakened by Fenderson hitting her repeatedly in the face and body, the report said.

The victim said Fenderson also pulled off both shirts she was wearing, causing a welt on the back of her neck. She also suffered a small cut under her right nostril and a scratch to her right forearm. The victim said she did not invite Fenderson to the house and she wasn’t welcome there, according to the report.

Fenderson told the officer that the victim invited her to the residence so they could talk about their relationship issues and, out of nowhere, started to hit her and she defended herself. Fenderson also had a minor cut on her bottom lip, the report said.

The victim’s sister said she had walked away from the house for a while and when she returned, she saw Fenderson’s car in the street in front of the house. She said her sister and Fenderson were inside engaged in a physical altercation that she broke up, according to the report.

The victim’s sister said Fenderson was not invited to her residence. She also said Fenderson sent her a text message earlier in the day trying to arrange a time and place for them to meet so she could give her the victim’s belongings, the report said.

A woman who was on the scene in Fenderson’s vehicle told the officer she told Fenderson not to go into the house because she knew something would happen, according to the report.

Fenderson was taken to the Lake County Jail, where she was released on $15,000 bond.

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