Florida Woman Arrested For Stealing Car At Gas Station With A Toddler And Mother Inside

A Florida woman stole a car with a toddler inside, but the child’s mom did everything in her power to make sure her child wasn’t alone.

The mother of the toddler, Kaitlin Greene, said she was getting ready to pump gas, and when she turned her head to put her card in the machine, she heard her car door slam. She says she saw a woman in her SUV trying to speed away with her baby, Solara, inside.

Greene says her baby girl is her world, and in a split second, someone at a North Fort Myers Circle K tried to take her 2-year-old away.

Lee County deputies say the woman behind the wheel was suspect Brooke Elizabeth Whisker, 47. Greene says she wrestled with Whisker for the keys, but could not get them back.

Greene says her mind was racing, as she and her baby rode in the back seat, not knowing where Whisker would take them.

Greene called 911 while in the car.

Greene says Whisker drove them to a home, and when Whisker got out of the car, Greene and her baby got away.

Deputies say they found Whisker near the home where she stopped the SUV. They took her to Lee Memorial Hospital for a medical evaluation and then arrested her at the hospital.

Whisker faces charges for carjacking and kidnapping. She remains in custody at Lee County Jail without set bond.

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