Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Using Knife And A Pair Of Scissors During Spat With Man Who Wouldn’t Give Her His Phone

A 23-year-old Florida woman is accused of using a knife and a pair of scissors during a spat with a man who wouldn’t give her his phone.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on NE 134th Court, where the victim said he and Summer Morryah Johnson had gotten into a physical altercation where knives were involved. The victim had small cuts on his forehead and left arm, and both of his hands had lacerations to his fingers, according to the sheriff’s office report.

After detaining Johnson in the patrol car, a deputy spoke with a neighbor who said the victim had run over to his house and banged on his door. The neighbor said the victim told him Johnson tried to cut him with a knife. He said the victim said Johnson had also tried to grab a hold of him, the report said.

The witness said he saw small cuts on the victim’s hands and head, and the victim was holding a large knife and a pair of scissors in his hands. The witness said he told the victim to drop the items near his residence and he did. He said the victim and Johnson fight all the time, according to the report.

The deputy picked up a large black-handled knife and a pair of scissors from the victim’s front yard and showed the items to the victim, who confirmed they were the weapons used I the altercation. The victim said the argument was over his phone. He said when he refused to give Johnson his phone, she armed herself with a large knife and scissors and came at him, telling him he needed to give her the phone, the report said.

The victim said he took this as a threat and was in imminent fear for his life. He said Johnson grabbed him around the arms while holding the knife and scissors. The victim said a struggle ensued and he was able to disarm Johnson by getting a hold of the knife and scissors. He admitted that during the struggle, he slammed Johnson down on the bed, according to the report.

The victim said he grabbed both the knife and scissors and ran out of the residence. He said Johnson then armed herself with a smaller steak knife and chased him out of the residence, where he remained until law enforcement arrived. The victim helped the deputy recover a small silver steak knife with a brown handle from the kitchen sink of the residence, the report said.

After being read her Miranda warning, Johnson told the deputy the victim was lying and that he had grabbed her and thrown her onto the bed. Asked about the knife, she denied ever grabbing a knife and denied one was even used in the alleged incident. The deputy observed a superficial red mark on Johnson’s right elbow that appeared to be a rug burn. She said the injury happened when the victim threw her down, according to the report.

Based on the injuries to the victim and the statements by the victim and witness, the deputy determined there was probable cause for arresting Johnson and charging her with simple battery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. She was taken to Marion County Jail, where she is being held on $5,000 bond.

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  1. This same woman claimed that her ex husband beat her. She abused him as well. She needs help and her children should be taken away.

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