Florida Woman Arrested After She Struck A Man With Her Pickup Truck

A Florida woman has been arrested after deputies say she struck a man with a pickup truck.

The incident occurred at Jan. 30 at a residence in Englewood. The victim told police he was walking with another person around his house when he saw Sarah Shaffer drive past his home. He immediately went into his home and called authorities. The victim told police that Sarah was accusing the pair of stealing a flashlight. According to an arrest citation, she threatened the victims that she was going to run the shed down while she was in her pickup truck.

A witness told detectives she was in her bedroom and heard a commotion, which led to her looking outside her window. She then said she observed a white truck revving its engine and stated it appeared as if it was going to drive into the shed. The witness told detectives she could hear a male yelling “you better not”, then witnessed the truck backup and then take off from the backyard onto Wyoming Avenue.

The truck then fled. The victim later became forthright, saying he had borrowed the truck from Sarah to go to the store, telling officers he had omitted that fact due to having a suspended license.

Shaffer has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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