Florida Woman Arrested After Admitting To Hitting Woman With Empty Water Bottle Multiple Times Because She Didn’t Greet Her Properly When She Picked Her Up

A Florida woman spent the night in Marion County Jail after she admitted to hitting another woman with an empty water bottle multiple times because she didn’t greet her properly when she arrived to pick her up.

The witness who reported the incident told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that Malissa Singh, 38, came to her residence to pick up the victim. She said while outside, she saw Singh in the driver’s seat and the victim in the back seat, and Singh was hitting the victim repeatedly with what appeared to be a shoe. The witness said she told Singh she would call 911 if she didn’t stop hitting the victim, according to the she sheriff’s office report.

The deputy responded to Singh’s residence to speak with her and the victim. Singh said the victim was being disrespectful when she went to pick her up, so she threatened to have her walk home. She said the victim continued to be disrespectful towards her by not greeting her properly, the report aid.

Singh said she became angry and threw a water bottle at the victim while she sat in the back seat of the vehicle. She said she didn’t know whether or not the bottle struck the victim, according to the report.

The victim said Singh came to pick her up from the incident location and she went out and sat in the back seat of the vehicle. She said Singh told her to get out of the vehicle and get back in. The victim said she got out of the vehicle and got back in, and Singh told her she was forgetting something, the report said.

The victim said she didn’t know what she was forgetting and Singh started hitting her with an empty bottle. She said she started crying because she didn’t know why she was getting hit. The victim said she was struck repeatedly by Singh with a hard plastic water bottle all over her body, according to the report.

The victim said the witness came out, saw what was happening and told Singh to stop or she was going to call 911. She said Singh did not hit her after they left the incident location. The deputy did not observe any physical injuries or other marks on the victim, the report said.

Singh later changed her story and said she did strike the victim multiple times with the water bottle but did not specify where. She said she may have struck the victim with her hand but wasn’t sure, according to the report.

Singh was charged with simple battery and taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released the next day on $100 cash bond. 

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