Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Road Rage Incident Where She Followed A Driver For More Than 30 Miles

A driver says a Florida woman followed him for more than 30 miles over about 45 minutes in Southwest Florida across county lines.

Hendry County Sheriff’s Office arrested Elisia Hato, 44, for a road rage incident with another driver.

The victim told deputies it began at the intersection with Fowler Street and Colonial Boulevard in Fort Myers and ended over in LaBelle.

According to the HCSO report, deputies say it all started because the suspect did not think the victim moved over fast enough when an ambulance passed by.

Investigators say Hato got out of her car and started yelling at the man who was still in his car, but the rage didn’t stop there.

Hato is accused of following another driver in a road rage fit and slamming into the driver’s vehicle multiple times.

The driver says Hato yelled at him and followed him closely from Fort Myers, where she lives, all the way to LaBelle.

The victim called 911 after the first crash, but he says Hato slammed into the back of his car two more times before Hendry County deputies responded and arrested her.

Hato denies ever striking the victim’s vehicle with the car she was driving. She told Hendry County deputies she was following the driver who reported her because she saw a gun on his lap while in Lee County.

Fort Myers Police Department says Hato told police she never observed a weapon. They searched the other driver’s car and didn’t see a gun.

Hato faces a charge for aggravated battery.

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