Florida Woman, Who Didn’t Like Being Called Lazy, Arrested After She Allegedly Struck A Man In The Back And Pulled On A Woman’s Ear Trying To Keep Her From Calling 911

A 23-year-old Florida woman who didn’t like being called lazy was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly struck a man in the back and pulled on a woman’s ear while trying to keep her from calling 911.

Brittany Leanne Hatcher was charged with two counts of domestic battery and one count of obstructing justice by hindering communication with law enforcement. The relationship between Hatcher and the victims was redacted from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

Hatcher told a sheriff’s deputy the female victim told her she was lazy, which made her upset, and she started packing her items to leave. She said while she was packing, the male victim came into the room and started yelling at her. Hatcher said she turned away from the male victim quickly and accidentally hit him in the back, according to the report.

The female victim told the deputy she told Hatcher she was lazy, and Hatcher ran up on her and acted like she was going to hit her. The female victim said she went outside and waited for the male victim to arrive. She said when the male victim got home, he she told Hatcher she had to leave the residence. The female victim said she and the male victim were sitting on the porch when they heard Hatcher throwing items inside the residence, the report said.

The female victim said the male victim told Hatcher not to destroy the house. She said as the male victim started to walk away from Hatcher, she approached him and struck him on the back. The female victim said she then tried to call 911 and Hatcher started trying to take the phone out of her hand and pulling at her ear in the process. She said Hatcher was begging her not to call 911, according to the report.

The deputy observed the female victim’s left ear was red. She declined medical attention, the report said.

The male victim said when he got home, the female victim told him Hatcher had been making threats towards her and calling her names. He said he told her she had to leave the residence, and he then went outside with the female victim and heard Hatcher throwing things around her room, according to the report.

The male victim said he told Hatcher not to destroy the items in the residence. He said as he walked out of the room, Hatcher approached him and hit him in the back with her fist. The male victim said he told the female victim to call law enforcement, and Hatcher responded by trying to take the phone and pulling at her hear where the phone was, the report said.

The male victim had a large red mark on his back. He declined medical attention, according to the report.

After being read her Miranda warning, Hatcher said she didn’t intent to hit the male victim. She said he turned away from him quickly and it caused her to hit his back. When asked about the female victim and the phone, she said she didn’t want her to call law enforcement and only wanted to leave, the report said.

Hatcher is being held on $2,000 bond.

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