Florida Woman Arrested For Hitting Husband With Vase, Boots And Chair; Choking Child; Slamming Her Head Into Police Car Window In An Attempt To Break It

A Florida woman was arrested after her husband says she came home intoxicated and began to attack him and when a child attempted to intervene she turned her anger on the girl, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Crystal Allen, 35, came home and her husband says when he confronted her about a possible infidelity she attacked him. The victim said Allen threw things and hit him with a vase, boots and a chair. She also scratched his face, ripping out pieces of his beard, according to the arrest report.

At some point a child in the home attempted to prevent Allen from beating the victim and that’s when deputies say Allen began attacking the girl. Allen is accused of choking the girl and scratching her neck, according to the report.

Deputies said when they arrived, Allen was aggressive to them walking toward authorities with her ”fist clinched and screaming profanities.” When deputies put Allen in restraints she dragged her feet as they attempted to put her into the patrol car, according to the report. She also slammed her head into the car window in an attempt to break it, deputies said.

Allen was “extremely belligerent, rambling on and not forming coherent thoughts,” deputies wrote in the report.

Allen is charged with simple battery, child abuse and resisting law enforcement without violence.

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