Florida Woman Arrested For DUI Facing Additional Charges After She Smuggled Loaded Gun Into Jail

A Florida woman arrested for DUI is facing additional charges after police say she smuggled a loaded gun into the Duval County Jail.

According to a police report, 31-year-old Kaysha McCoy was able to bring the gun to the third floor of the jail despite being searched twice and sent through a body scanner.

According to the report, the body scanner showed quote a “large, dark, angular object” in the area of her groin.

She said officers did question her after she went through the scanner, but the report does not indicate what the outcome of that exchange was.

Officers later overheard McCoy allude to having a gun while on a call with someone outside the facility. They then searched her and found a loaded revolver.

She faces two felony charges of smuggling contraband into a detention facility in addition to her original DUI charges.

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