Florida Woman Arrested After Allegedly Strangling And Punching Her Roommate, Letting The Air Out Of Her Tire And Threatening A Police Officer

A Florida woman was arrested after allegedly strangling and punching her roommate, letting the air out of her tire, and threatening a police officer.

Crista Mahar, 34, of Sanibel was charged with felony battery by strangulation and threatening death to a police officer, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses told police that Mahar was arguing with a woman who lived with her over the woman taking cell phone video of her. Mahar allegedly put her hands around the unnamed woman’s throat and punched her several times before the woman locked herself in her car, police said.

Officers with the Sanibel Police Department arrested Mahar and were on the way to the jail when she threatened an officer’s family and said she would ‘bash in’ the face of the officer, according to the arrest report.

Her roommate told police she was going to go to the police station when she noticed a flat tire and broken side view mirror. Mahar admitted to letting the air out of the tire and breaking the mirror.

She was later released on bond.

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