Florida Woman Who Accused Man Of Strangling Her Ends Up Being The One Arrested

A Florida woman who accused a man of strangling her ended up being the one arrested when it was determined she was the one who turned things physical during an argument.

Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to a residence on SW 112th Avenue, where the victim said 29-year-old Heather Nicole Bregenzer hit him on both sides of his face, causing visible red marks. He said he “bear hugged” her to stop him from hitting her so he could leave the residence, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Bregenzer tried to bite him and he slid his forearm over her chin to stop her from biting him, causing red marks on her neck. Based on the allegations that he strangled Bregenzer, the victim was originally detained for battery by strangulation, the report said.

While deputies were talking with Bregenzer, she spontaneously said the victim was verbal with her and got in her face, so she struck him in his face. She admitted to starting the physical disturbance. Bregenzer continued by saying the victim wrapped his arms around her neck and started choking her, but she said she knew she could breathe because she was speaking, according to the report.

Bregenzer said the victim left the residence and went to the neighbor’s house to work on his truck. The victim was released and Bregenzer was determined to be the primary aggressor, the report said.

After being read her Miranda warning, Bregenzer said the victim started the verbal argument but she started the physical disturbance by striking him in the face. She said it wasn’t until she struck the victim that he put his hands on her, according to the report.

Bregenzer was charged with simple domestic battery and taken to the Marion County Jail. She was released on her own recognizance.

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