Florida Woman Arrested For Firing Gunshot At Employee After He Removed Boot From Her Car

Police say a woman opened fire on a man after he removed a boot from her Lexus.

West Palm Beach Police arrested 47-year-old Linette Rodriguez on a charge of aggravated assault.

Investigators said she fired a shot at an employee from the South Florida Booting Company in the 210 parking lot on Clematis Street.

Police said her car was booted for parking on private property. After she paid to have the device removed, police said she complained to the employee about damage to the wheel of her car. The employee told her what she needed to do to file a complaint. As he turned away, he told police he heard a gunshot, turned around, and saw her pointing a gun at him.

An officer nearby detained Rodriguez after the shooting. No one was hurt and she was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail.

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