Florida Woman Arrested Accused Of Stealing From Wal-Mart Multiple Times Over Several Months

A Florida woman is accused of stealing from Wal-Mart multiple times over several months.

Daria Marie Faulmino, 60, of 5915 SW 103rd St., was charged with seven counts of second-degree petit theft (first offense) in connection with a series of thefts at the Wal-Mart store at 9570 SW Hwy. 200.

A loss-prevention employee at the store told a Marion County sheriff’s deputy that Faulmino unlawfully removed numerous items from the store without paying. She said Faulmino made no effort to scan the items and placed them in bags and back into the shopping cart, then left the store past all points of sale, according to the sheriff’s office report.

Faulmino was originally arrested June 19 after she failed to scan several items. At that time she was issued a notice to appear. The security employee said after reviewing Wal-Mart’s “secure” system and electronic journals, it was discovered Faulmino committed seven additional thefts between April and June. During these transactions, Faulmino concealed several items inside Wal-Mart bags and failed to properly scan them during the self-checkout process, the report said.

The deputy watched a video of the transactions and saw Faulmino holding the scanner in her hand and ether scanning one item and placing multiple items into bags, or making no attempts to scan items and placing all of them into her bags. She then left the store with multiple unscanned items, according to the report.

On June 13, while at self-checkout register 48, Faulmino failed to scan five items or a store loss of $31.43. The store provided a copy of the store receipt and the video of the transaction, which were placed into evidence at the Southwest District Office, the report said.

Faulmino was arrested at her residence and taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released Tuesday on $3,500 bond.

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