Florida Woman Arrested For Shoving Pregnant School Bus Assistant After Her Child’s Bus Arrived 30 Minutes Late

A Florida woman was arrested after she shoved a Manatee school bus driver who is nine months pregnant, according to Bradenton police.

Erica Piedra was booked into the Manatee County jail on a charge of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman. She was released the next day on a $500 bond.

According to the police report, Piedra, “was irate because the bus had run 30 minutes late that day,” dropping her daughter off at the bus stop after school.

Police say Piedra entered the bus about 5 p.m. and began screaming and cursing at the victim before shoving her. The victim was pushed into the inside wall of the bus and nearly fell to the floor.

The victim was not physically injured in the assault so did not report it right away. She told investigators that she became more fearful each time she had to drop off students at the bus stop so she reported the incident, according to police.

Police say a witness corroborated the victim’s story.

Piedra told police she did curse at the bus driver, but she denied ever going onto the bus or pushing the victim. Cameras on the bus were pointed back toward where the students sit and did not capture the driver’s area, police say.

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