Florida Woman Arrested For Striking Infant Multiple Times In The Head And Face

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has charged a Florida woman with child abuse and child neglect.

Deputies received a call for a verbal disturbance on Sept. 28 when deputies arrived they found an infant with multiple bruises and swelling on their head and face while also not being responsive.

As the investigation began to unfold Jessica Figueroa, 36, initially told detectives that the infant was injured in a fall.

During the investigation, medical staff informed detectives that the trauma suffered by the infant was abusive in nature and not the result of a fall.

When detectives spoke to Figueroa again she admitted that she had noticed the infant was having medical issues and did not seek medical attention. She also admitted to striking the infant multiple times in the head and face but claimed she had lapses in memory of the past weekend.

Figueroa was placed under arrest for aggravated child abuse and child neglect and was given no bond.

Figueroa’s relationship to the child was not released. There was no information on the victim’s condition.

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