Florida Woman Arrested After Inviting Deputy To Smoke Marijuana With Her During Wellness Check

A Florida woman was arrested after inviting a deputy to smoke marijuana with her.

Constance Ann Polk, 50, of Wildwood, was sitting in her vehicle which was parked along State Road 44 when a Sumter County sheriff deputy was dispatched for a well-being check. Polk told the deputy she was in possession of marijuana and asked him if he would like to join her in smoking the marijuana, according to an arrest report.

“(Polk) stated that she was in possession of marijuana and asked if I would like to smoke it with her. The defendant then opened a bag, which had been sitting on her passenger seat, and produced a small glass container, with no type of labeling on it, containing a green leafy substance,” the arrest report said. 

She offered the deputy the opportunity to smell the substance. The deputy did so and confirmed it smelled like marijuana. The deputy asked Polk if she had a medical marijuana card. She said she did not have a medical marijuana card, but was interested in obtaining one.   

She was also in possession of rolling papers, the report said. The marijuana weighed about 4 grams.

Polk was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of drug equipment. She was booked at the Sumter County Detention Center on $200 bond.

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