Florida Woman Arrested In Connection To The Death of Her Husband, Accused of Dumping Him In Swamp

A Florida woman is facing murder charges in connection to the death of her husband in Baker County, Jacksonville. Detectives there say that someone found David Hunt’s body in a swampy area off of Webb Haven Road in Glen St. Mary on June 3. His wife, Shari Lynn Smith, 25, has now been arrested in connection to his death.

A resident living on Webb Haven Road found Hunt’s body after smelling a foul order they initially believed was a dead animal. Investigators were called out to the scene in response to the discovery of human remains. The body was later identified as David Hunt, 35, of Jacksonville, according to Baker County Sheriff’s Office. 

The death was ruled a homicide and Smith was arrested four months later. She’s in custody in Gadsen County and is being held without bond. She’s facing a 2nd degree murder charge and will be extradited to Baker County, according to the sheriff’s office.

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