Florida Woman Arrested Allegedly Ripping Woman’s Jacket During A Fight Over A Dirty House

An 18-year-old Florida woman was charged with domestic battery after she allegedly ripped a woman’s jacket during a fight over a dirty house.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded to a residence on Juniper Pass Terrace, where the victim said she woke up to a dirty house. She said she started getting loud so Celeste Shavontay Cobarris would wake up and clean the house. The relationship between the victim and Cobarris was redacted from the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Cobarris woke up mad and started arguing with her. She said Cobarris started coming at her and the victim’s husband stepped between them. The victim said Cobarris reached across her husband, grabbed her jacket and tried to pull her closer, ripping it, according to the report.

The victim said she did not have any scratches on her. She said she had her hands in the air the whole time the incident was happening, the report said.

Cobarris said the victim woke her up yelling. She said she walked out of her room to see the victim yelling at another person, whose name was redacted. Cobarris said this upset her, so she started yelling at the victim, according to the report.

Cobarris said the victim’s husband got in front of her, and the victim approached her with her hands up like she was going to fight. She said she then grabbed the victim by the jacket. Witness statements corroborated the victim’s account of the incident, the report said.

Cobarris was taken to the Marion County Jail, where she was released on $1,000 bond.

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