Florida Woman, Living In Tent With 15 Animals, Arrested For Killing Kitten By Injecting It With Salt Crystals

A Florida woman has been arrested for animal cruelty.

An offense report filed to the state attorney’s office by Escambia County Animal Control investigator Stephanie Eddins says Selena Dunlap, 20, disregarded the health of a kitten by trying to treat it herself.

The report says Dunlap would use a needle to inject syringes full of a non-injectable form of sodium chloride into the kitten.

Eddins told Dunlap during an investigation the kitten needed to be seen by a licensed veterinarian, and she should not be trying to treat it herself.

Eddins wrote in her report the kitten could hardly hold its head up.

Dunlap and others argued with Eddins, but eventually the kitten was surrendered to animal control. It later died.

That was not the first instance in which Dunlap surrendered animals to animal control.

Dunlap’s father contacted animal control and said she should not be allowed to have animals. He stated to animal control, according to the report, his daughter lived in a tent and collected dead animals ranging in “different stages of decay.”

Eddins investigated the claim and found Dunlap had been living with 15 animals in her tent: seven dogs, including puppies, and eight cats.

Eddins wrote in her report the puppies were covered in fleas. After talking with Dunlap, she agreed to surrender the animals.

Eddins told her to bury the dead animals found near the tent.

Dunlap has been charged with animal cruelty and unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine. She remains in the Escambia County jail on a $6,000 bond.

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