Florida Woman Gives Herself Up After Spat With Gal Pal Over Car Keys

A Florida woman said she was ready to go to jail and turned around and let a deputy place handcuffs on her after being accused of beating up a woman in the latest in a series of domestic spats between the two.

Evaliz Oyola, 26, of SW 79th Terrace, was charged with simple battery after the incident, which happened at her residence. Oyola met the Marion County sheriff’s deputy who responded and immediately gave herself up, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim told the deputy that she and Oyola were arguing over car keys when Oyola called her a liar and struck her about five times in the face. The victim said she defended herself and struck Oyola twice. The deputy observed the victim had a bloody nose consistent with her statements, the report said.

The deputy is familiar with both Oyola and the victim because there is a long history of domestic incidents between them, including many that go unreported, according to the report.

Oyola remained in the Marion County Jail on $500 bond. 

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