Florida Woman Arrested For Allegedly Cutting Man, Pouring Sugar In Victim’s Gas Tank; Along With Mother And Brother

A 29-year-old Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly cut a man with a knife and poured sugar into his gas tank, while her mother is accused of throwing sugar at the victim and her brother was charged with assaulting the deputy who arrested them.

Britteny Lemar Robinson, 29, of NE 60th Street, was charged with aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill and criminal mischief with property damage of $100 or more. Carmen Robinson, 51, of 422 NE 23rd Circle #2, was charged with simple assault / threat to do violence. Malik Robinson, 23, was charged with simple assault on an officer.

A Marion County sheriff’s deputy responded at around 3 p.m. to Britteny Robinson’s residence, where the victim said he was in a verbal argument with her over an issue that happened several months ago over clothes that she bleached.

The victim said he was leaving the residence and started moving the television from inside the living room to his vehicle outside. He said while he was doing so, Britteny punched him in the face, which resulted in him setting down the television and pushing her to the floor, according to the sheriff’s office report.

The victim said Britteny ran into the kitchen, armed herself with a kitchen knife, and started walking towards him in an aggressive manner. He said he grabbed a lamp in self defense because he was in fear. The victim said once Britteny was close, he grabbed her by the right wrist, which had the knife, and they started wrestling over the weapon, the report said.

The victim said he obtained superficial cuts during the struggle before he was able to remove the knife from Britteny’s possession. He said once he got the knife, Britteny got up, got sugar from the kitchen and poured it into the gas tank of his 2011 grey Nissan vehicle, according to the report.

The victim said Britteny also grabbed a lamp from inside the garage and threw it at his vehicle’s windshield, causing a crack the size of a basketball. The deputy observed a white bag of sugar near the victim’s vehicle under the gas tank lid. The victim estimated the damage done to his vehicle at approximately $1,000, the report said.

Britteny told the deputy that while the victim was ripping the TV off the wall, she grabbed him to stop him from damaging the house. She said the victim punched her in the face, causing her to fall to the ground and scratch her left knee, according to the report.

Britteny initially denied grabbing a knife, but she later said she did grab one, but it was in self-defense. She also denied pouring sugar into the victim’s tank but later recanted and said she did. Britteny denied throwing a lamp at the victim’s vehicle, the report said.

Carmen Robinson, Britteny’s mother, became upset due to Britteny being arrested and started walking towards the victim while cussing at him and making threats. Deputies gave the Carmen verbal commands to step back, which she ignored. Carmen the grabbed the bag of sugar near the victim’s car and threw it at the victim, causing the sugar to pour out and land on the deputies. The victim said he was in fear of being struck by the sugar and was adamant about pressing charges, according to the report.

Meanwhile, Malik Robinson became upset when seeing his mother placed in handcuffs. He walked towards a deputy in an aggressive and combative manner, with clenched fists, and said, “Don’t put your hands on my mom.” Malik was within an arm’s length of the deputy and had the ability to strike him, which put the deputy in fear, the report said.

Britteny, Carmen and Malik Robinson were all taken to the Marion County Jail. Britteny was released on $4,000 bond and will appear in Marion County Court. Carmen and Malik Robinson were each released on $1,000 bond. No court information was available for either.

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