Florida Woman Arrested For Leaving Dog And Puppies In Trailer With No A/C, Food Or Water


A Florida woman was arrested for leaving one dog and eight newborn puppies in a hot trailer with no air conditioning, food, or water. Colleen Meter is facing nine counts of animal cruelty.

Detectives were first alerted about the dogs after a man called 911, saying he was attacked by three dogs before the call disconnected, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. Another caller reporting the incident said two of the three dogs ran off, while the other was in a travel trailer at 5370 California St. The man who was attacked had severe bites on his right leg and was taken to the hospital.

When Animal Enforcement Officers arrived, they captured two of the dogs, according to the sheriff’s office. When they went to the trailer to impound the other dog, which was emaciated, they also found eight puppies.

Deputies say the trailer where Meyer kept the dogs got as hot at 108 degrees; an Animal Enforcement Office even had to be treated at the scene for heat exhaustion, the sheriff’s office said. When Meyer later arrived, she was issued citations for animal bite, mistreatment and unrestrained animal.

TheĀ Hernando County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on Colleen Meyer after deputies observed her traveling in her car with a broken windshield. After Animal Enforcement Officers were called, Meyer was taken into custody.

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