Florida Woman Arrested For Torturing 5-Year-Old Boy With Broom, Belt


A Florida woman is accused of hitting a five-year-old boy with a broom, belt, and phone, while also making him eat off the floor.

Deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office arrested Blandine Sylvain, 40, on charges of aggravated child abuse, child neglect, and domestic battery by strangulation.

According to the arrest report, the investigation into the abuse began when a tipster told the Department of Children and Families that the boy seemed to have bruises and trauma to his head and mouth in a photo that appeared on Whats App.

A Child Protective Investigator met with the boy and noted he had visible injuries to his head, face, and body. The boy, according to the report, said Sylvain hit him in the head with a belt and broom. He said she also threw him to the ground and stepped on him. And, that sometimes she’d wake him up to beat him for no reason. The boy said she’d throw cold water on him and make him eat off the floor.

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