Florida Woman Arrested For Spraying Husband With Roach Spray


A Florida woman is in the Alachua County Jail for spraying her husband with cockroach spray.

A patrolling officer witnessed the victim walking on the sidewalk, according to the report. The man was struggling to catch his breath and was rubbing his eyes.

The man stated his wife, 39-year-old Kissie Thomas, had sprayed him in the face with roach spray while he was asleep, according to the report. The husband says he became disoriented and ran out of the house, breaking through the screen door and falling face first into the cement stairs.

The man had a cut on his forehead, and the officer located blood on the stairs leading to their home, according to the report. The officer also noticed a can of Raid spray sitting on top of Thomas’ vehicle.

Thomas told police that her husband had come home drunk earlier in the evening and that he had mixed medication with alcohol, causing him to become disoriented, according to the report. Thomas stated she didn’t know how the can of Raid had gotten onto her car.

Thomas was arrested and transported to jail where they located cannabis hidden in her bra, according to the report. She is facing charges of domestic battery and smuggling narcotics into a detention facility.

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