Florida Woman Kicked Off Airline Flight For Wearing ‘F— 12’ Face Mask

A Florida woman was kicked off an American Airlines flight last week for wearing a face mask with an anti-law-enforcement slogan, the Miami news outlet WPLG reported.

Arlinda Johns had boarded the plane to Illinois when she was asked to cover her face mask, which said “F— 12.” Johns told the outlet that she’s an abolitionist who believes in defunding the police.

She said that after a flight attendant confronted her, she put on a new mask. The plane was about to take off when the flight attendant walked up to Johns in her seat and said, “I better not see that other mask,” Johns told WPLG.

Several minutes later, the plane she was on that was about to take off busted a U-turn, went back to the gate and she was escorted off that plane.

Several officers escorted her through the airport and out the door.

According to its Conditions of Carriage, American Airlines says “offensive clothing” is not allowed.

The airline also said it refunded the “unused” portion of her ticket.

Johns told WPLG that she had to drive to Illinois and had since reached out to an attorney.

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