Florida Woman Turns To Tequila To Confirm COVID Suspicions

Courtesy of Fox 13

After noticing she couldn’t smell or taste anymore, Megan McKee posted video to share with her friends on social media, showing her testing her failing senses by trying swigs of alcohol. 

Megan initially blamed her symptoms on her allergies and swimming in her pool. But after her first sip of alcohol, she wasn’t so sure. 

But she wasn’t convinced it might be COVID until she tried tequila.

It’s been more than two weeks since her symptoms began, and her taste and smell still haven’t come back.

Megan has not been tested yet, and so far, her family members haven’t shown any signs or symptoms.

She says a few days before losing taste and smell, she felt tired and chilled for about 24 hours but her temperature never hit 100. 

She plans to get an antibody test done so she can donate plasma. 

And she points out that she didn’t drink excessively that evening — a practice that can lead to alcohol poisoning. 

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