Florida Woman Purposefully Coughs on Brain Tumor Patient

Courtesy of First Coast News

Heather Sprague, a mom of 10 year old from Jacksonville, Florida, who’s being treated for her brain tumor at the Mayo Clinic, took a rare trip out of her home for an appointment in the center of her local town. While she waited for her appointment time, she put on her face mask and went into a Pier 1 store in St. Johns Town Center to get out of the heat. 

Sprague had Pier 1 file an incident report in case she gets sick, she told Jacksonville’s The Florida Times-Union. Sprague herself also filed a police report against the woman, citing the offense as “battery—touch or strike, no injury,” First Coast News reported. The aggressor was identified by police as 52-year-old Debra Hunter, but she has not yet been arrested or charged.

At the time of the offense, it wasn’t mandatory to wear a face covering in indoor public places in Jacksonville. But a city-wide face mask requirement went into place, meaning everybody must wear a mask while in public and indoor locations and when social distancing isn’t possible. This made Jacksonville the last major Florida city to implement a mask policy.

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